How to Choose a Moving Company

The lowest quoted or estimated price is not necessarily the total or final cost of the move. Before selecting a mover, educating yourself on the basics of moving is extremely important. Here are some things to consider on how to choose a moving company:

How to Choose a Moving Company: Research the Mover

  • How long has the company been in business? Check with the Better Business Bureau, the American Moving and Storage Association, and the Department of Transportation to see if this is a reputable mover.
  • Investigate standards and training programs. Ask if the company completes background checks on the people coming into your home.
  • Meet a company representative in person. Never choose a mover based solely on a website.

Always Get Your Dates in Writing

  • Pay attention to terminology like agreed delivery or requested delivery and understand what “guaranteed” means.

Ask Whether Your Mover Has an Agency Close to Your Destination

The destination agent will provide three important functions:

  • Storage
  • Claims or repairs settlements
  • Labor or unload

Understand Your Pricing Options

  • Ask about actual weight versus a binding estimate.
  • Read the fine print. Only the articles and services listed on the binding estimate are included in the price.
  • Always request a written copy of the estimate.

Understand the Components of Pricing

  • Transportation – based on weight and distance
  • Extras like shuttling, crating, and third-party services such as cleaning services and appliance hookup
  • Valuation
  • Storage
  • Insurance Related Surcharge
  • Fuel Surcharge

Know the Importance of an Accurate Estimate

When selecting a moving company, it is imperative that you get a visual assessment of everything to be moved. An accurate estimate is critical for a stress-free move. An inaccurate estimate may cause:

  • Insufficient space for your shipment on the moving van
  • Disagreements with the van operator on moving day
  • Additional charges on moving day for items overlooked by estimator
  • Delayed departure of the family to arrange for pickup of the overflow

Always Request a Copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.”

  • This brochure is prepared by the Federal Highway Administration. Federal law requires movers to provide this brochure to every customer prior to the move.

Moving can be a stressful experience. The best van lines understand their responsibility to meet and even exceed customer expectations and have developed procedures, hiring standards, incentives, training programs, information systems, and informational brochures to ease this transition for the customer.

Remember – you’re entrusting your mover with your most valued possessions – make sure you select someone dependable and reliable.

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