Packing Materials Needed

Sorting through all your belongings, and trying to safely pack them for the move is one of the longest and most stressful parts of a move. Otto Nelson Moving & Storage is here to help make this part of the move a little easier for you by providing these packing tips about the packing materials needed to make your move as easy and carefree as possible!

Common Packing Materials Needed

Before you begin packing, you’ll want to have all the tools needed to make sure you’re belongings are securely packed and organized. Preparing all your materials at the start will save time and extra trips to the store. Here are the materials you’ll need to begin packing.

1. Boxes

packing services, packing tips, packing helpThis one is obvious, but you’ll be surprised by how many people are unprepared when it comes to boxes. Either they realize they don’t have enough boxes in the middle of packing, or the boxes they have aren’t big or strong enough for all their packing, or they just don’t know where to get boxes.

One of the first questions people ask before packing is “where can I find boxes for moving?”. Boxes are one of those items that you can easily build up into a collection without noticing, but hard to find when you actively start looking for them. To help with your search, here are some different ways you can collect boxes for moving.

  • Buy Cardboard boxes from local department stores or shipping facilities
  • Keep the boxes from store-bought items and mailed packages
  • Ask friends and family for Boxes
  • Ask for boxes from grocery stores

Buying new boxes from a store is the quickest way to find boxes, but that expediency will cost you quite a bit of money. It is best to start accumulating boxes right when you first find out you will be moving. One way to get free boxes is to ask for them from employees at your local grocery store. The produce department and meat department go through a lot of boxes every day, if you ask politely, they will usually give you a couple of empty boxes.

2. Wrapping Paper

You will need plenty of wrapping paper. Many people save and use their old newspapers but keep in mind, however, that the ink never thoroughly dries and items wrapped in newspapers will most likely be soiled and will require cleaning after unpacking. Movers use unprinted newsprint so for items you prefer to keep clean, it would be best to purchase packing paper. Bubble wrap can also work, but it will cost more than paper when you buy it. If you don’t mind wrinkled cloth. you can also shirts and towels to wrap fragile items.

3. Sealing Tape

Heavy-duty clear plastic tape, 2 inches wide is most suitable for packing. Avoid using masking tape.

4. Markers

Felt pens are ideal for marking boxes with information such as “Contents”, “Fragile”, “This side up”, and which room it should be delivered to. This will not only help you but also help your movers know how to handle each box.

Once you have acquired enough moving boxes, wrapping paper, tape, and markers, it’s time to begin your packing.

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