an unexpected change of events, otto nelson moving, movers in kenosha

An Unexpected Change of Events

an unexpected change of events, otto nelson moving, movers in kenosha

George was recently at a family’s home on a revisit for a move from Union Grove to Indiana. A woman, who was planning a move near her daughter, fell down a few steps as she, her son, and George were both walking downstairs. George held her leg to immobilize as she thought it was broken. It took the EMT team about 20 minutes or so to get there. George stayed and assisted in lifting her to the gurney as she was taken for treatment.

Moving Help

The woman’s son had a rented truck for some items he was putting in storage, and the truck needed to be returned that day. George advised him to go with his mother and George took care of delivering the storage items, returned the truck, and got a ride back to his vehicle from an Otto team member.

In fact, the woman did break both bones in her leg just below the knee and had to undergo surgery over the holidays, along with selling her home and moving. She and her family maintained a positive attitude and faith things were going to work out through their challenges; they are simply an amazing family. After the move they sent George a note along with a local Indiana Amish treat as a thank-you.

We feel very grateful to have gained their business, and to have been able to support them through this transition in their lives.

It was our pleasure to serve them!