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Antiques on the Move!

We recently had a long distance customer from the Beloit area moving to Alabama by the gulf. There was an amazing amount of antiques in this home that were a treat just to see… with many one-of-a-kind items. The best way to protect for transport is to provide crating services. This order had 18 crates in total. This home was an old farm property that was very unique in its own way as well with an in-ground pool and pool house. At over 20,000 pounds we were unable to bring our tractor-trailer in the driveway, so we performed what is called a shuttle. A smaller truck is used to gain access and everything is loaded onto it and brought out to the long distance tractor trailer.

Packing Pandemonium

We were with this family for a week. We had a team of packers there for three days. Lead packer Dan Schneider, and Able Lazaro were joined by Gene Marema on the first day, but then Dan and Able finished it up the next two days. George was there for a day and a half making and crating the items. Driver Dean Placek and his team of Caden, Cesar, and Mikey required two days to load. This was a difficult, but fun job.

Thanks to the entire crew for making our customer happy!