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Reviews Can Be Powerful

Have you ever tried your very best, while being honest and forthright, and you still get burned?
Unfortunately, that has happened to us over here at Otto Nelson recently.
Anyone who knows us knows customer service is ALWAYS at the forefront of what we do. But as in life, sometimes circumstances can veer outside of our control. Recently we had an out-of-state move that ended up inconveniencing the clients. Kim worked tirelessly to get their belongings to them within the contracted timeframe, through scheduling issues with corporate, strict interstate driver qualification restrictions, and even a turbocharger blowout in Kentucky along the way. Thanks to a repair shop that stayed open after hours to finish the repair, our truck arrived on the last day of the contracted timeframe.

Bad Reviews Happen, but We Will Persevere

After all of that, the client told us they’d be blasting us online with bad reviews. We know more than anyone that moving your loved ones and belongings is a stressful and vulnerable time. That is why we ALWAYS strive to go the extra mile to ensure a successful move for all of our clients. Through circumstances outside of our control, the client got their belongings later rather than sooner. We were honest and forthright in our communication, explaining the process, hurdles, and extra steps we were taking to ensure delivery. Unfortunately, the client took our words as excuses.
Reviews are powerful. They tell absolute strangers what to think of you. We hope no one out there ever forgets the power they have to hurt others with a review, whether they deem it fair or not. Regardless of any “one-star” review, we’ve been around for almost 100 years for a reason – we’ve successfully moved countless families both near and far without ever forgetting that our customers are our priority.