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Why Hire a Mover?

By George Follensbee

When considering hiring a mover I believe it really comes down to how much you value your own time and your physical capabilities. Most people have good intentions and quickly find out they may not be able to complete this task as easily as was thought. Besides the physical aspect, moving is also a skill of how to do it properly without causing damage to either your home or the item being moved. Movers have tools just like any other skilled trade that we use to perform the task. Although you can just rent a truck on your own, they’re not as mover-friendly as our equipment that is specific to our business (our trucks are lower so there is less angle as items are carried up). Also, we have all the necessary pads and equipment to protect the belongings that most folks don’t recognize as being needed. Movers often are required to have mechanical talent; items need to be disassembled and reassembled either to protect from damage or just to fit in or out of a space. Beyond the actual move there is also preparation. Being move-ready makes the task that much easier. Most families who experience a professional moving company for the first time are amazed at how quick we are. We are there to provide a service and it is our job to perform.

Do Your Research Before Hiring a Mover

Families should seek a recommendation from any of their personal contacts. Often folks get three estimates for comparison. A compliment we often receive is we are the most thorough. They should be concerned about any mover that does not want to send a representative out to review their needs. If you are provided a rate over the phone with an estimated time know that however long it does take is what you will pay. If you do not explain everything correctly or list all the items, the responsibility is on you and your costs will go up. Most moving companies will also charge from the time they leave their facility to the time they return. At Otto Nelson Moving & Storage we changed that procedure 5 years ago. Our time starts on a local move at the point we arrive and finishes as we complete at the destination home. We then add ½ hour travel time to cover our crew’s wages during travel anywhere in the greater Kenosha area. In areas further from our location we still cap the travel time but consider how long it should take us. The customer should not be responsible if our service crew stops in transit or is detained in traffic.